Anthony Tulve

31 / Make Up Artist / Elizabeth, NJ

How was it for you growing up in the desert of Arizona?

I have a love-hate relationship with AZ. The desert at night is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen, stars for miles in the sky, but months of 100 plus degree weather is not the look, especially with a primarily black wardrobe. 

Was Los Angeles not for you?

Honestly, it wasn't. LA was a great time for my social and personal life. As for my career and the part that should be setting goals--absolutely not. My mom always said I was an East Coaster and I agree.

I will say that I learned a lot about myself in the short time I was there. And I also learned a lot about what I didn't want in my life and my career. That wouldn't have happened had I not taken that chance to move when I did. 

When did you first pick up a blush brush?

I've been wearing makeup since my teens, started around 14 and if it wasn't my face it was my very patient sister. There's also stories of me getting into the makeup often as a young boy too. I always saw makeup as an unlimited wardrobe, I might not have had the clothes, but I could be whoever I wanted with the makeup.

I didn't realize it was actually a potential job until after I graduated HS and started at MAC shortly thereafter. To me it was an extension of painting and my love for fashion. 

Do you see men’s make up really happening one day?

I see boys and men in makeup now more in person than when I first started professionally! Granted, I see a very specific trend of makeup that doesn't enhance what you have, it creates that social media mannequin. I don't see makeup for men who want to just look polished, or maybe a little rough around the edges (my fave) being marketed enough in a way that sticks as much as the influencer beat down. 

I feel like trends and brands could start to move to a more unisex vibe, we are seeing it in clothing so why not in the other ways someone presents themselves. There are ripples and a demand but, it just hasn't stuck yet. 

How did it feel to be on set as our Kristen McMenamy?

Absolutely wonderful! 

It was so refreshing to be on set with people who have the same passions, views and love of things. Plus it's not everyday I get to be on the other side, I'm usually behind the lens worried if my vision is coming across in my work and not my appearance.