BEAUTY / Party Boy

Mauricio Peña shot by Paul Perelka

Were you born & raised in the UK?

I wasn’t. I was born and raised in Venezuela... I’m a proud Latin boy.

How was life for you as kid? 

I had a great childhood, full of love, books and a huge imagination. I was always the weird kid who loved playing with the bags and boxes the toys came in instead of the actual toys themselves. 

Where did you get that beautiful brown skin?

I got my skin from my beautiful mother, she gave me the most important things in my life and still does -- understanding, love and wisdom. 

When did you first find your tribe in London?

I found my tribe in London the first night I arrived to this amazing city and went straight out to party. I realised how beautiful the diversity is here and how important and appreciated it is to be yourself -- no matter how crazy, different, odd it can be. From that moment on, I started to rediscover myself -- to accept and embrace myself even more -- to feel free to be and do whatever I wanted. This is the most beautiful feeling ever!

Do you feel a sense of body pride amongst them?

I absolutely feel proud of my body, in any situation and I always feel comfortable to make room for my belly. Hahaha!

How was it meeting Shangela?

Meeting Shangela was a really good experience. She is a being full of light, love, fun, energy and laughter. She was so nice to everyone and an amazing performer. I can’t wait to see her again soon!

In the current climate of America we're seeing so many emerging voices of empowered and creative young people. Do you sense the same in the UK?

I do sense the same in UK. There’s so many talented young people here, ready to take on the world and make it a better place. We are a generation of peace, of union, of unnecessary boundaries in every possible way. I see that many good things will come from the young people in the whole world.