BEAUTY / Club Queen

Renessence shot by Jonathan Grassi in New York, NY

Growing up did you take things apart to see how they worked?

Lol, how did you know? As a kid I had this battery operated toy. It was a bus with colored lights going off as it was moving. I was so curious and obsessed that one day I unscrewed it apart. Only to get obsessed with batteries and how to make my own lights.

When did the path to being a professional electrician start?

Growing up in Albania I studied it in high school and Italy where I did some college. It also runs in the family... Both my uncle and brother work as electricians.

Do you consider yourself a club kid or a drag queen? Is there a difference?

I consider myself natural, hahaha. Nowadays everyone should be able, in the everyday life whenever they feel it, to drag up and run their errands for the day. That's the essence.

These terms are similar but, they differ on their audiences. Maybe the club queen category? :)

Do you consider your body a help or hindrance to your drag?

I love my body. I try to keep healthy, organic and fresh.

What changes inside you once your are all dolled up?

It’s like putting yourself on a shop window, seeing and feeling people's desire to own you, so to become their favorite doll. Like a Barbie for a poor kid. 

Do you think we'll see a bearded queen on RuPaul's Drag Race anytime soon?

Watch out bitches!

Is performing in your future?

Absolutely. Life is a performance.