by Chris Behroozian

Were you born & raised in the Bay Area?

Nope, I was born and raised in Orange County.

Can you imagine yourself living anywhere else?

I want to live in LA and own a home by the time I’m 40. It’s hard to imagine living outside of California, but there’s a lot of cute places out there so I won’t say never. 

Is San Francisco inclusive in it's queer culture?

I currently live in Oakland which is definitely inclusive in it’s queer culture. I was closeted most of the time I lived in SF. I think there is some inclusivity but, overall it could do better.

Do you identify as a Bear?

I’m self-actualizing. Bears are certainly my type and I’m doing my best with what I got. I would be thrilled to be considered a bear but, I don’t know if I could confidently identify that way yet. Can I? I feel like I need some certification. 

Would you consider yourself an exhibitionist?

Thank you for asking this question and yes! I do consider myself an exhibitionist -- come find me at the nude beach! When I look back at my childhood there are plenty of signs, but it took me a while as an adult to wear it (or not wear it) loud and proud.

How important is nature to you and your work?

Nature has always played a part in my work. Being in an open outdoor space by myself brings a special excitement that allows me to create freely. This will always be a feeling I appreciate whether it’s for taking photos or not. Plus, like I said, I’m an exhibitionist... It’s kind of fun to indulge in that and know that it’s part my process. I thought that part of me might be something to hide but, now I’m literally showing it off :)

Where do you hope to travel to next?

I’m going to LA this weekend and Austin next month. I’m hoping to get out into the desert on both of these trips.