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Corbin Chamberlin shot by Orlando Pelagio in Phoenix, AZ

How has marriage and children changed you?

There’s so many ways that marriage and raising children have changed me. Where, what and who I place importance on has been totally reestablished. Working in fashion, as wonderful as it can be, also has the capacity to make you a little out of touch with some important stuff. I’ve been grounded, cleaning Goldfish out of my Valextra tote has done that to me. Also, marriage is the best thing to ever happen to me. I without a doubt have thee best marriage in the world and can honestly say that I got hitched to my best friend. 

What is the greatest lesson you want to teach your children?

Individuality and kindness. All I want is for my kids to become exactly who they want to be without the influence of others. If I can raise conscience, good-natured and freethinking souls, me and my husband have done our jobs. Truthfully, I just want to raise two clones of Ashley Longshore

As a man of size what does luxury mean to you?

Luxury for me is buying exactly what I want without compromising on anything. Too often bigger people find clothes that look great but fit like shit. After years of frustration with retailers, I mostly opt for custom clothing these days. 

If you could have a custom look designed by anyone who would it be?

This is tough! Going to pick two, because deciding is torture. I’d love to have Alessandro Michele at Gucci whip me up the perfect statement coat dripping with embellishments and details. He totally gets my eclectic witchy vibe. Look #2 would be a caftan from Ralph Rucci. The man is a design-god walking on earth. We are not worthy.  

What is your favorite place you've traveled to so far?

Paris had my heart for years, but I’ve recently fallen so in love with Mexico City. The place is bewitching. A total eruption of art, divine food and this general swish of magic that really lets you know you’re somewhere special. I can see myself living there, churro and birkin in hand. 

What do you want for Christmas?

Besides world peace? I’d love to find a massive emerald ring from Sue Gragg or a jar of La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Cream under the tree, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little handmade something from the kids and hubby. 

What will your autobiography be called?

Oh god, the ideas are without an end. Currently I’m pulling towards, “Pass the Caviar, Please” or “Fuck Salad, Get Chicken Tenders”. 

black cashmere cloak by Givenchy / diamond & ruby eye bracelet by Sue Gragg, snail ring by Alex Solider, amethyst ring by 8 Legs Silver / green silk caftan by private tailor, slippers by Gucci / black leather and lace coat by Gemma Kahng / white shirt by Charvet / white linen caftan by Landry Low / grey wool cape by Vintage Fashion INC, scarf by Hermès, white t-shirt by DXL / blue sweater by DXL, jeans by Nautica, shoes by Cole Haan / black linen caftan by private tailor, slippers by Gucci, ring by Cartier