by Vincent Master

Description: TUES2062018:1245PMPHILA19123 - worried, hopeful

"I'm not very good with explanations.

Particularly when its about why I am the way I am. I don't think most things about who I am don't need justification or an explanation, but that could just stem from me not knowing why I am who I am. Me trying to explain myself often causes my thoughts to erupt, frantically scattering around my mind trying to find answers I don't have. I used to think it meant I didn't know the person I was, but I've come to terms with not needing to know those answers. Some things don't need to be answered, they just need to be.

At least I think, I'm just not very good with explanations" 

boots by ASOS, cropped pants by Rick Owens, vintage trench coat, scarf by SlowlabFirenzeFelt, glasses from eBay / turtleneck by Calvin Klein, coat by Dabuwawa / leather jacket by Zara, gloves from eBay