by Thiago Bittencourt

How was it for you growing up in Brazil?

Growing up in Brazil was a interesting experience for me. It's a place with the warmest people that you're ever gonna meet, at least the one's that I know. Brazil is a mixture of cultures -- Italians, Japanese, Germany -- I like this kind of mixture. I think this made me more open to new things like music, art and food.

Do you travel a lot in or outside South America?

I recently moved from Rio Grande do Sul to Santa Catarina. I have friends in Argentina that I try to visit whenever I can. By the way, I'm planning to travel now that I'm settled down here. I love travel even when it's a small trip. 

Through social media do you feel connected to people around the world?

Absolutely. I love chatting with people from other countries. It's really cool to stay connected with people that I find on social media with similar interests. It's nice when you find someone that likes the same music that you listen to in Denmark for example.

What's nightlife like in Santa Cartarina?

Right now I'm enjoying being at home and hanging out with friends. I prefer more underground parties, indie, rock and roll, but it's not easy to find unfortunately. There's a really cool place that I like to go... It's on the beach and so beautiful to see the sunrise when you're leaving the club. 

Is there a sense of community among your friends?

I know a lot of people. And yes, I feel a part of a community even though I'm not near everybody. I have some really close friends and we always support each other... Even when we're not close by, it's nice to have them in my life.

What aspects of community would you like to see more of?

People don't judge someone just because you are different, have some different interests or even because you think different. I'm glad that I have some amazing people around me. Sadly, I still see people who don't have a sense of community.

What's your favorite part of your body?

I like my legs. I don't know why. Maybe because my favorite tattoos are on my legs. I like to run, so I think they have a good shape.